If you’re a college student or ever been one at any given time in your life, you know the struggles of staying healthy while in college. College is basically where people go to gain weight and drink tons of alcohol because majority of the time, that is what is happening to most students.

Even though college assignments and exams are tough, staying healthy in college is harder because due to the  stress that college students go  through on a daily basis, many tend to over eat or under eat and both sides of the coin in as equally unhealthy.

However, there are some students that defy the odds by staying healthy in college while maintaining good grades and maintaining a social life. The above described seems impossible when you are college student and the information that we have mentioned below will definitely be of use,

Eat Healthy

There is no amount of natural medicines or chinese medicine that can help reverse the serious damage that is caused by the consumption of unhealthy foods but there are tons of preventative measures that you can take.

The old saying says that you are what you eat and that couldn’t be truer where health and fitness is concerned. If you’re somebody who struggles with a lot of health issues, you definitely should take a good look at the kinds of foods you are eating because unhealthy foods is one of the biggest ways to get various types of sicknesses.

Everything from the Hornsby dental practice visits and the doctors’ visits that you pay hundreds of dollars for is a result of unhealthy eating habits and also unhealthy lifestyle habits that have come back to bite you.

Gym Buddies

The best thing you can do for yourself in college if you want to avoid the freshman fifteen is to find yourself a gym buddy. It is usually preferred to find somebody who is more fit and healthy than you so you have some friendly competition and you will always have a friend that motivates and inspires you to hit the gym.

Working out can get boring even if you’re not at college so the best way to spice it up from time to time is to try different types of activities that can help you get the results you want. For building muscles, you will obviously need weights but if you’re looking for cardio, anything from taking a dance class to a spin class can help you out with that. Working out is not something that is uninteresting and boring, it is something that should excite you and make you feel powerful.